Commerical Equipment


CBF-3 Bottle/Filler

Manufactured from high-grade #304 surgical stainless steel with polished finish, the unique CBF-3 Bottle/Filler is designed to fit your existing or custom store counter. This simple and easy to use equipment was designed for a self service bottle filling operation.


All stainless steel construction.

Fill spouts 1" tubing with 3/4" ball valves.

6 head model available. (CBF-6)

It accommodates 3 filling stations.

Removable drip trays allow easy cleaning.

It accommodates bottles up to 5 gallons. (18.9 litres)

Lightweight stainless steel table with 6" (15 cm) backsplash guard.


CBR-2 Dual Ozone Bottle Rinser
Attractively positioned in a water store, this two station bottle rinser allows a bottled water customer to rinse and clean their own 3 or 5 gallon long neck bottle. The spray nozzle pop-up feature is uniquely designed to spray a sanitizing solution of choice on all surface areas inside the bottle. This simple to use bottle washer allows a customer to manually press and hold the button in order to clean each individual container. A micro switch to activate the pump distributes the chosen cleaning agent through a stainless steel spray nozzle. A 6” back spill plate protects spillage and any over flow of water is gathered quickly and disposed of in a drain. A tubular tray is easily removed for quick cleaning. The bottle rinser is constructed of high-grade stainless steel and can be purchased with or without the cabinet base. 
  • Washes 3 & 5 gal long neck bottle.
  • Two separate stations.
  • High grade stainless steel construction.
  • Optional ozone cleaning.
  • Manual press and hold button.
  • Pop-up spray nozzle with stainless steel probe.
  • Easy to position bottle.


BW-1 Bottle Washer
Give your self serve water customers the ultimate in safety and convenience. The MoBetta BW-1 Ozone Bottle Rinser makes sanitizing their bottles a snap! Simply place the bottle on the machine as shown and press down firmly. A blast of highly concentrated ozone and water gives the bottle a quick sanitizing rinse. Release the bottle and the spray stops automatically.


  • No chemicals to buy or replace.

  • CSA approved AZCO 2 gm ozone generator.

  • Spring loaded mechanical activation valve for simplicity, durability and safety.

  • High quality, rotating spray head provides complete bottle coverage.

  • Works with any bottle that fits on a water cooler.

  • Attractive and durable stainless steel cabinet. Compliments any water store décor.

  • Mirror finish.

  • Child resistant activation mechanism.

  • All wetted parts are stainless steel or food grade plastic.

  • Simple, trouble free design requiring little if any maintenance.

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Small 12” x 12” footprint.

  • Full three year warranty on the ozone system, 1 year on the rest of the system.


CS-1 Counter Sink Assembly
The CS-1 is a convenient fill counter mounted sink and tap assembly. The stainless steel top is a direct match with our CBF-3 fill stations and our CBR-2 counter ozone bottle rinser. It can be utilized as either a hand washing station or a place to wash the outside of soiled bottles. The pull out spray nozzle that is built in to the faucet makes it easy to spray the exterior of the bottle. It also comes with a handy pump soap dispenser.


  • Manufactured from high-grade #304 surgical stainless steel with polished finish.

  • 2" lip covers standard 24" cabinet. Cabinet not included.


  • Counter Size: 24” x 24”

  • Counter Material: #304 surgical stainless steel with polished finish.

  • Backsplash: 6” high

  • Protective Lip: 2” on front, left and right sides.

  • Sink: High quality stainless steel single bowl sink with standard drain connections.

  • Faucet: Single handle hot and cold faucet with pull out sprayer.

  • Soap Pump: Pump style, refillable, mounted in sink back ledge.

  • Depth: 24" (60.9cm)

  • Weight: 25lbs (11.36kg)