Empty Bottles & Caps


18.9L Pressure with Handle


11.3L Pressure with Handle

4L HDPE Plastic Bottles


7.5L Fridge Bottle


1.5L PET Bottle


1L PET Bottle


500ml PET Bottle


Aquasequr Caps

Watertight and hygenic, our patented polyethelene AQUASEQUR+ cap is made to open only when installed on water coolers. An industry first now available to you and your customers!

  • Fits all 11 and 18-litre (3, 5 or 6-gallon) containers
  • One-part design leaves nothing to float in the water or to retrieve during handling
  • Leakproof O-ring gasket on all caps
  • Fully recyclable
  • Economical and secure, this patented cap costs less to produce.


5-Gallon Non-Spill Snap Cap


  • Cap stays on the bottle to prevent spills during placement and removal from cooler dispenser
  • Optional single-stick label
  • Internal valve keeps foreign particles from entering bottle
  • Sealed cap remains on the bottle until returned to filling plant for de-capping
  • Automatic and semi-automatic de-capping equipment available

38mm Flat Cap

Available in Red, Blue & Yellow                                         

“Lined” coarse thread caps

“Unlined” fine thread caps   



26mm and 28mm Flat Caps

The sleek, rounded shape is specifically designed to complement premium packaging while precision-engineered features maintain the integrity of your non-carbonated water product and provide excellent capping application efficiency.
Precision compression molding technology is utilized to produce consistent dimensions, a secure seal, and opening convenience for consumers. Available in White and Blue

No liner odor, taste or fallout
Visual evidence: shell tamper band remains on bottle
Audible evidence: breaking of band emits distinct sound
Sure Grip serrations
Easy to open/reseal


26mm and 28mm Sport Caps

Quick, convenient, and ideal for on-the-go consumption, Alcoa’s Sports-LokŪ is the ultimate water closure system for sports enthusiasts, people on the go, and school children alike.
Specifically engineered to protect the integrity of your non-pressurized water product, Sports-Lok is the pop-up closure of choice delivering unparalleled performance, precise product specifications, and total systems support. Available in White & Blue.
Visual evidence: dust cap and shell tamper band remain on bottle
Audible evidence: breaking of band emits distinct sound
Tactile evidence: secure feel upon first opening
Liner-less seal on both shell and tip
No liner odor, taste, or fallout
Optimized water flow rate
Quick to open with easy access
Tip closes with audible click
Snap on dust cover for resealing