Bluline Point of Use Water Coolers

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Bottless Water Coolers

Bluline has the exclusive Flowline system, which utilizes a 9 stage filtration process, as well as the Global Water line, which employs a 3 or 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration technology. Each line is created with aesthetic options to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

Superior Products

Bluline offers a variety of water coolers, all utilizing the most advanced purification technologies to ensure that our customers drink cleaner, healthier water. 

Quick and Easy Installation

Our expert technicians will install your bottleless water cooler quickly so you can enjoy great-tasting, clean water!   

Superior Service

Our technicians are highly-trained and provide an unmatched level of service. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our service.


  • Thoroughly filtered, guaranteed pristine drinking water.
  • Average savings cost of around 65%.
  • 98% reduction in emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Six months worth of clean drinking water in one installation.
  • Reduced electrical usage by 60%.
  • No more bottle storage.
  • Highly-trained technicians there to assist you.
  • Equipped with 9-stage filtration system or reverse osmosis system.
  • Hot and cold options.

 Point of Use Bottleless Water Cooler Systems