Permeate Pump

• For membranes rated from 10 to 100 GPD
• Requires no electricity
• Pump powered by energy from brine normally lost to the drain
• Improves water quality
• Effective for inlet water pressure as low as 30 PSI
• Fills product tank up to 5 times faster under normal use
• Saves 400% of waste water vs. conventional units
• Allows smaller capacity membranes
• Increases membrane life
• Prevents “membrane TDS creep”
• Allows greater product tank pressure (90% of feed pressure)
• Compact size


Booster Pump Kit


Typically used with reverse osmosis systems, this pump boosts pressure to allow the membrane to function efficiently with low feed water pressure.

This kit comes complete with high and low pressure switches, a 24 volt booster pump and a 120V power adaptor.

This kit is for use with 75GPD membranes or lower.


Shur Flo Booster Pump

GPM        Volts                             Ports                  PSI

3.3    115 VAC (CSA)          1/2" threaded MSPT         45

3.0    230 VAC (ULC)          1/2" threaded MSPT         45

1.4   115 VAC (none)          1/2" threaded MSPT         60


FloJet Booster Pump

GPM        Volts                             Ports                  PSI

5           115 VAC                   3/4" Hose Barbed         40